To have in Polish : verb conjugation

Today we will have a quick look at conjugation of verb “to have” in Polish language. The infinitive form of “to have” in Polish language is “mieć”, so you can use it in sentences like: I like to have a lot of money. Lubię mieć dużo pieniędzy or Is it better to have or to be? Lepiej jest mieć czy być?

In the table below you will find all the form for 3 different tenses: present, past and future. Before we start, you need to know that when conjugating this and other verbs in Polish in real life situations people do not always use personal pronouns. For instance many Poles instead of saying “I have a brother” they would say “Have a brother”. This makes little sense in English because in English the verb doesn’t change a lot (only in third person singular “have” changes to “has”). In Polish however the verb form changes more and sometimes it indicates about who you are speaking of so there is no need to add personal pronoun. To give you all the information I will include personal pronouns in the table but remember that you do not have to use them.

In the brackets you will find gramatical gender information: (m) for masculin, (f) for feminin and (n) for neutral gramatical gender.

Mieć : czas teraźniejszy (to have : present tense)

ja mam Play audio I have
ty masz Play audio you have
on ma (m) Play audio he has
ona ma (f) Play audio she has
ono ma (n) Play audio it has
my mamy Play audio we have
wy macie Play audio you have
oni mają (m) Play audio they have
one mają (f/n) Play audio they have

Mieć : czas przyszły (to have : future tense)

ja będę miał (m) Play audio I will have
ja będę miała (f) Play audio I will have
ty będziesz miał (m) Play audio you will have
ty będziesz miała (f) Play audio you will have
on będzie miał (m) Play audio he will have
ona będzie miała (f) Play audio she will have
ono będzie miało (n) Play audio it will have
my będziemy mieli (m) Play audio we will have
my będziemy miały (f) Play audio we will have
wy będziecie mieli (m) Play audio you will have
wy będziecie miały (f) Play audio you will have
oni będą mieli (m) Play audio they will have
one będą miały (f/n) Play audio they will have

Mieć : czas przeszły (to have : past tense)

ja miałem (m) Play audio I had
ja miałam (f) Play audio I had
ty miałeś (m) Play audio you had
ty miałaś (f) Play audio you had
on miał (m) Play audio he had
ona miała (f) Play audio she had
ono miało (n) Play audio it had
my mieliśmy (m) Play audio we had
my miałyśmy (f) Play audio we had
wy mieliście (m) Play audio you had
wy miałyście (f) Play audio you had
oni mieli (m) Play audio they had
one miały (f/n) Play audio they had

I hope this doesn’t look too intimidating, Polish is certainly a bit more complicated than English. At the beginning try to remember present tense only and the verb forms you use the most (1st and 2nd person). Please let me know if you have any question regarding verb to have in Polish or any other.

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