To be in Polish : verb conjugation

Today we will have a quick look at conjugation of verb to be in Polish language. The infinitive form of “to be” in Polish language is “być”, so you can use it in sentences like: I like to be at work in time Lubię być w pracy na czas or Is it better to have or to be? Lepiej jest mieć czy być?

In the table below you will find all the form for 3 different tenses: present, past and future. Before we start, you need to remember that when conjugating verb to be in Polish in real life situations, people do not use personal pronouns. It is as if Poles would say: “am”, “are”, “is” instead of “I am”, “you are” and “he is”. These shorter forms in spoken Polish are more common although it is not a mistake to use longer forms. To give you more information, I will present below longer forms but remember both longer and shorter forms are correct and shorter ones are as if not more common.

In the brackets you will find gramatical gender information: (m) for masculin, (f) for feminin and (n) for neutral gramatical gender.

Czasownik być: czas teraźniejszy (verb to be, present tense)

ja jestem Play audio I am
ty jesteś Play audio you are
on jest (m) Play audio he is
ona jest (f) Play audio she is
ono jest (n) Play audio it is
my jesteśmy Play audio we are
wy jesteście Play audio you are
oni są (m) Play audio they are
one są (f/n) Play audio they are

Czasownik być: czas przyszły (verb to be, future tense)

ja będę Play audio I will be
ty będziesz Play audio you will be
on będzie (m) Play audio he will be
ona będzie (f) Play audio she will be
ono będzie (n) Play audio it will be
my będziemy Play audio we will be
wy będziecie Play audio you will be
oni będą (m) Play audio they will be
one będą (f/n) Play audio they will be

Czasownik być: czas przeszły (verb to be, past tense)

ja byłem (m) Play audio I was
ja byłam (f) Play audio I was
ty byłeś (m) Play audio you were
ty byłaś (f) Play audio you were
on był (m) Play audio he was
ona była (f) Play audio she was
ono było (n) Play audio it was
my byliśmy (m) Play audio we were
my byłyśmy (f) Play audio we were
wy byliście (m) Play audio you were
wy byłyście (f) Play audio you were
oni byli (m) Play audio they were
one były (f/n) Play audio they were

I hope this doesn’t look too intimidating, Polish is certainly more complicated than English. Please let me know if you have any question regarding verb to be in Polish or any other.

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