Polish vocabulary : At the hotel

Today another Polish vocabulary lesson 馃檪 This time we will learn words and phrases that can be useful when booking a hotel room or staying in a hotel in Poland. In our Polish dialogues section there is a lesson Booking a hotel room that you may also refer to.

Polish vocabulary that can help to make a hotel room reservation

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Czy s膮 wolne pokoje? Are there any free rooms?
Chc臋 zarezerwowa膰 pok贸j. I want to book a room.
Ile kosztuje pok贸j? How much is the room?
pok贸j dla… jednej osoby / dw贸ch os贸b / trzech os贸b / czterech os贸b / rodziny
a room for… one person / two people / three people / four people / family
Chc臋 zarezerwowa膰… I want to book a…
pok贸j jednoosobowy single room
pok贸j dwuosobowy double room
pok贸j trzyosobowy a room for three people
pok贸j dla czterech os贸b a room for four people
pok贸j z 艂azienk膮 a room with bathroom
pok贸j z prysznicem a room with shower
pok贸j z telewizorem a room with tV
pok贸j z klimatyzacj膮 a room with air-conditioning
pok贸j ze 艣niadaniem a room with breakfast
pok贸j bez 艣niadania a room without breakfast
pok贸j z obiadokolacj膮 a room with half board
pok贸j z pe艂nym wy偶ywieniem a room with full board
pok贸j z widokiem na morze a room with sea view
pok贸j z widokiem na g贸ry a room with mountains view
obs艂uga hotelowa room service
na jeden dzie艅 / na dwa dni / na trzy dni / na cztery dni / na pi臋膰 dni / na weekend / na tydzie艅 / na dwa tygodnie
for one day / for two days / for three days / for four days / for five days / for the weekend / for the week / for two weeks
Czy 艣niadanie jest wliczone w cenie? Is the breakfast included in the price?
O kt贸rej godzinie musz臋 opu艣ci膰 pok贸j? What time do I need to leave my room?
O kt贸rej godzinie b臋dzie dost臋pny pok贸j? What time will the room be available?
Na kt贸rym pi臋trze jest m贸j pok贸j? Which floor is my room on?
Jaki jest numer mojego pokoju? What is my room number?
Czy mog臋 otrzyma膰 klucz od pokoju? Can I have the key for my room?
Ile kosztuje 艣niadanie? How much is the breakfast?
O kt贸rej godzinie jest serwowane 艣niadanie? What time is the breakfast served?
Czy hotel ma parking? Is there a hotel car park?
Ile kosztuje parking? How much is the car park?
Mam rezerwacj臋 na nazwisko… I have the reservation for the name…
Czy mog臋 zap艂aci膰 kart膮? Can I pay by card?
Czy musz臋 zap艂aci膰 z g贸ry? Do I have to pay in advance?
Czy mog臋 zrezygnowa膰 z rezerwacji? Can I cancel my reservation?
Czy mog臋 otrzyma膰 rachunek? Can I have the bill please?

Of course, staying in the hotel nowadays is not only sleeping and eating breakfasts. Hotel guests can enjoy a wide range of additional services that will make their stay more enjoyable. Here is some extra vocabulary that will help you to use some of these services. I will also include here some other, miscellaneous “hotel words”.

Polish vocabulary : hotel services and miscellaneous words

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basen swimming pool
sauna sauna
si艂ownia gym
restauracja restaurant
bar bar
Internet Internet
WiFi WiFi
telewizor TV
Jakie jest has艂o do Internetu? What is the password for the Internet?
W jakich godzinach otwarty jest basen? What time is the swimming pool open?
Do kt贸rej godziny otwarty jest bar? What time do they close the bar?
Czy mog臋 skorzysta膰 z … si艂owni / sauny / basenu? Can I use… the gym / the sauna / the swimming pool?
Czy sauna / si艂ownia jest wliczona w cen臋? Is sauna / gym included in the price?
Na kt贸rym pi臋trze znajduje si臋 si艂ownia / sauna / basen? What floor is the gym / sauna / swimming pool on?
Czy maj膮 Pa艅stwo map臋 miasta? Do you have the city map?
Jak dojecha膰 do centrum miasta? How I can get to the city centre?
Czy s膮 w okolicy jakie艣 atrakcje turystyczne? Are there any tourists attractions near here?
Czy mo偶e mi pan zam贸wi膰 bilet? Can you book me a ticket? (to a man)
Czy mo偶e mi pani pom贸c? Can you help me? (to a woman)
Czy mo偶e mi pan zam贸wi膰 taks贸wk臋? Can you order me a taxi? (to a man)
Czy mo偶e mi pani poleci膰 jak膮艣 dobr膮 restauracj臋? Can you recommend me a good restaurant? (to a woman)
recepcja reception
recepcjonistka receptionist (a woman)
taks贸wkarz taxi driver (a man)
baga偶 luggage
偶elazko iron
suszarka do w艂os贸w hair drayer
dodatkowe 艂贸偶ko additional bed
przej艣ci贸wka adapter plug
sejf safe
winda lift
艣niadanie breakfast
obiad dinner
kolacja supper
kelner waiter
kelnerka waitress
kawiarnia cafe
kasyno casino
stolik table

I hope that you have found this information useful and will quickly expand your Polish vocabulary. I think I have covered a lot of vocabulary but if I miss something, please let me know in the comments below.

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