Polish vocabulary : Asking for directions

In today’s lesson we will find out how to ask for directions in Polish and I will also provide some vocabulary that will help us to understand the answers. We will start with the questions about the location of some popular city destinations.

Here are a few examples of typical questions you might ask in Polish. It is always polite to start with Przepraszam (Excuse me) so I will include it in our questions:

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Przepraszam, gdzie jest poczta? Excuse me, where is the post office?
Przepraszam, gdzie jest najbliższy bankomat? Excuse me, where is the nearest cash machine?
Przepraszam, gdzie znajduje się najbliższa restauracja? Excuse me, where is located the nearest restaurant?
Przepraszam, jak dojść do dworca kolejowego? Excuse me, how to get to the train station? (to walk)
Przepraszam, jak dojechać do centrum miasta? Excuse me, how to get to the city centre? (to drive)
Jak dojechać do lotniska? How to get to the airport?
Gdzie mogę kupić bilet? Where I can buy the ticket?
Ile kosztuje bilet? How much is the ticket?
Gdzie mogę kupić mapę? Where I can buy the map?
Ile kosztuje mapa? How much is the map?
Ile kosztuje taksówka? How much is a taxi?
Czy może mi pan/pani pokazać to na mapie? Can you show me on the map? (to a man/woman)
Czy może mi pan/pani powiedzieć gdzie jest…. Can you tell me where is… (to a man/woman)
Szukam taniego hotelu. I am looking for a cheap hotel.
Szukam dobrej restauracji. I am looking for a good restaurant.

Polish vocabulary: destinations in the city

Of course we might try to locate a number of different things and it might be difficult if we do not know how they are called in Polish. Let’s learn some additional vocabulary that will help us. When using the names of location you need to be aware that some sentences require a nouns and adjectives in specific case. For instance, you can use the default Nominative Case in sentence: Gdzie jest… Examples Gdzie jest hotel / bankomat / szpital? However sentence: Jak dojść do… requires to use Genitive case so these sentences will look like: Jak dojść do hotelu / bankomatu / szpitala? The sentences with Szukam require also Genitive case so Szukam hotelu / bankomatu / szpitala?

In short, any of the words below are in default, Nominative case:

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bank – bank
bankomat – cash
sklep – shop
lotnisko – airport
dworzec kolejowy – train station
dworzec autobusowy– bus station
przystanek autobusowy – bus stop
stacja metra – tube station/metro station
postój taksówek – taxi rank
restauracja – restaurant
kawiarnia – cafe
hotel – hotel
motel – motel
park – park
poczta – post office
parking – car park
muzeum – museum
teatr – teatr
szpital – hospital
apteka – post office
kościół – church
centrum miasta – city centre
biuro informacji turystycznej– tourist information centre
kawiarenka internetowa – internet cafe
ulica – street
plac – square
rynek – market square
mapa – map
budynek – building

Possible answers

I hope that now you will be able to create some Polish questions but we are only half way, we also need to understand the answers. Here are a few possible questions and answers that you might came across in Polish:

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Przepraszam, jak dojść do dworca autobusowego? Excuse me, how to get to the bus station?
Proszę iść prosto do końca ulicy i następnie skręcić w prawo. Please go straight ahead till the end of the street and then turn right.
Przepraszam, gdzie jest najbliższy bankomat? Excuse me, where is the nearest cash machine?
Najbliższy bankomat jest po drugiej stronie ulicy, obok banku. The nearest cash machine is on the other side of the road, next to the bank.
Szukam ulicy Narutowicza. I am looking for Narutowicza street.
Ulica Narutowicza jest w centrum miasta, niedaleko rynku. Narutowicza street is in the city centre, not far from the market square.
Jak dojechać do centrum miasta? How to get to the city centre?
Musi pan jechać prosto tą ulicą i na światłach skręcić w lewo. You need to take this street and turn left at the traffic lights.
Przepraszam, gdzie znajduje się tani parking? Excuse me, where is located a cheap car park?
Proszę jechać tą ulicą aż do ronda. Następnie na rondzie w lewo i po mniej więcej 100 metrach zobaczy pan parking po prawej stronie. You need to take this street till the roundabout. Next, on the roundabout turn left and after approximately 100 meters you will see car park on the right.
Przepraszam jak dojść do teatru? Excuse me, how to get to the theatre?
Proszę skręcić w prawo i następnie iść prosto. Teatr znajduje się na końcu ulicy naprzeciwko poczty. Please turn right and then go straight ahead. The theatre is at the end of the street, opposite the post office.
Dziękuję! Thank you!

More Polish vocabulary 🙂

Let’s finish with some additional Polish vocabulary that we might hear when people will be directing us to a location.

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po prawej stronie – on the right hand side
po lewej stronie – on the left hand side
w prawo – to the right
w lewo – to the left
prosto – straight ahead
proszę skręcić – please turn
proszę iść prosto – please go straight ahead
do końca ulicy – till the end of the street
do świateł – till the traffic lights
do ronda – till the roundabout
do skrzyżowania – till the crossroads
naprzeciwko – opposite
tutaj – here
tam – there
obok – next to
z tyłu – behind
z przodu – in front
daleko – far
niedaleko – not far

OK, that is all for today. I hope you have found it useful and that this short lesson will help you to expand your Polish vocabulary 🙂 Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding this topic. Thanks in advance!

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