Polish text : rodzina Kowalskich

I am still trying to think of an “effective formula” to teach Polish but it looks that I need some more time to sort this out. At the moment I am not quite sure yet how this website will look like. I suppose that I will try to create some articles and blog posts, lessons and courses and once I have some content, I will try to divide it into logical parts.

When I study foreign language I find reading and listing to simple texts very beneficial so I decided to create a series of those about “Kowalski family”. Today the first episode about the father, Jan Kowalski. Below you will find short text with audio in Polish and its English translation. At the bottom I will include some additional information.

Rodzina Kowalskich

Polish version

Play audio Jan Kowalski ma 42 lata, mieszka w Polsce i pracuje w szkole jako nauczyciel. On mieszka razem ze swoją rodziną niedaleko Warszawy. W rodzinie Jana są cztery osoby: on sam, jego żona Anna, jego syn Tomek i jego córka Monika.

Anna ma 38 lat i pracuje w banku jako kasjerka. Tomek jest starszy od Moniki, ma 20 lat i studiuje informatykę na uniwersytecie. Monika jest najmłodsza w rodzinie, ma 15 lat i chodzi do gimnazjum.

Rodzina Kowalskich mieszka w dużym domu z ogrodem. W domu są trzy sypialnie, salon, kuchnia i dwie łazienki. Jest też biuro, w którym Jan często przygotowuje się do lekcji. Jan jest nauczycielem języka angielskiego.

English version

Jan Kowalski is 42, lives in Poland and works a teacher. He lives together with his family not far from Warsaw. In Jan’s family there are four people: himself, his wife Anna, his son Tomek and his daughter Monika.

Anna is 38 and works in a bank as a cashier. Tomek is older than Monika, he is 20 and studies IT at the university. Monika is the youngest in the family, she is 15 and goes to secondary school.

The Kowalski family live in a large house with the garden. In the house there are three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. There is also an office where Jan often prepares for his lessons. Jan is an English language teacher.

Video lesson

Tips, vocabulary, grammar

The easiest way to tell about what we do for a living in Polish is by saying Pracuję jako… (I work as a …) and then by adding the name of the job. A few more examples:

Play audio
(man) Pracuję jako… nauczyciel / lekarz / fryzjer / policjant / sprzedawca / kelner.
(woman) Pracuję jako… nauczycielka / fryzjerka / policjantka / sprzedawczyni / kelnerka.
I work as a … teacher / doctor / hairdresser / police officer / shop assistant / waiter, waitress.

As you probably noticed the names of many jobs in Polish differ depending on the gender of the person that hold them (in English also: waiter and waitress, actor and actress).

In the text above we are talking about Jan in third person singular therefore: Jan pracuje. Here are all the forms of the verb to work (pracować) in the present tense:

Play audio

Ja pracuję / I work My pracujemy / We work
Ty pracujesz / You work Wy pracujecie / You work
On pracuje (m) / He works
Ona pracuje (f) / She works
Ono pracuje (n) / It works
Oni pracują (m) / They work
One pracują (f/n) / They work

When we talk about the age, in Polish language people “have years” while in English they are some years old. So literary “Anna ma 40 lat” means “Anna has 40 years”.

There were two adjectives in the text: stary, młody (old, young) in comparative and superlative form. All the forms are:
Play audio
stary, starszy, najstarszy / (about a man) old, older, the oldest
stara, starsza, najstarsza / (about a woman) old, older, the oldest
młody, młodszy, najmłodszy / (about a man) young, younger, the youngest
młoda, młodsza, najmłodsza / (about a woman) young, younger, the youngest
As you noticed the forms of adjectives differ slightly depending on the gramatical form of the nouns they accompany

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