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Basic Polish phrases with audio

I have just finished creating a second audiobook for my online store 🙂 It is called 250 Polish sentences with audio. As the name suggests it is a collection of 250 basic but popular Polish phrases in both PDF and audio format. De facto, there are 251 phrases since but I will correct this mistake […]

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Polish greetings – video

I have just finished making a short video presenting formal and informal Polish greeting and a few ways to finish the conversation. If you would like to learn those, please have a look below: Polish Greetings and Goodbyes There is actually an article on the same topic already on our website with even more different […]

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Basic Polish phrases

Perhaps you want to visit Poland and do not know the language at all? Perhaps you have Polish friends and would like to know a few basic sentences and words in their language? In this article you will find a few simple yet useful phrases that will help you to communicate. Basic phrases in Polish […]

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