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ART method – learn Polish vocabulary quickly

In my previous post How to learn Polish vocabulary I discussed Olly Richard’s ART method for efficient vocabulary acquisition. I have decided to create three short YouTube videos explaining this method. Here is the first one. You can use Polish subtitles with this video. Below you will find the Polish transcript and also downloadable PDF […]

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How to learn Polish vocabulary

Today I have a short text in Polish about how to learn Polish vocabulary effectively. Some of the ideas in the text has been spelled out by Olly Richards, British polyglot and author, creator of As always, you will find below text and audio in Polish as well as its English translation. Jak szybko […]

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How to learn Polish

Learning Polish is pretty much the same as learning any other foreign language and the rules of how to do it effectively will also be the same. Of course, there are many different methods and approaches to learning foreign languages. Some people prefer reading or listening, others dive into grammar books or use mobile applications. […]

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