Months in Polish

In today’s lesson we will learn the names of the months in Polish. Please have a look at the table below and play sounds of individual months.

Names of the months in Polish:

styczeń Play audio January
luty Play audio February
marzec Play audio March
kwiecień Play audio April
maj Play audio May
czerwiec Play audio June
lipiec Play audio July
sierpień Play audio August
wrzesień Play audio September
październik Play audio October
listopad Play audio November
grudzień Play audio December

And here one audio file with all the names of the months: Play audio styczeń, luty, marzec, kwiecień, maj, czerwiec, lipiec, sierpień, wrzesień, październik, listopad, grudzień.

I have also creates a short Youtube video with the pronunciation of the months in Polish, please have a look:

Now, knowing the names of the months in Polish is a partial success. We also need to know how to say that something happens or happened in particular month. For instance “in January” or “in May” and so on. To do so, we need to add to particular Polish month a letter w or word we. Also, the ending of the month will change, please have a look:

w styczniu Play audio in January
w lutym Play audio in February
w marcu Play audio in March
w kwietniu Play audio in April
w maju Play audio in May
w czerwcu Play audio in June
w lipcu Play audio in July
w sierpniu Play audio in August
we wrześniu Play audio in September
w październiu Play audio in October
w listopadzie Play audio in November
w grudniu Play audio in December

If you prefer to have it in one audio file, here it is: Play audio

Useful phrases

If you want to retain all this information, perhaps the best way by remembering whole sentences. Below you will find some examples. I will also try to include downloadable file for Anki, great spaced repetition software that will help you to remember.

W styczniu w Polsce jest zimno. Play audio In January it is cold in Poland.
W lutym mamy ferie zimowe. Play audio In February we have winter school break.
W marcu zaczyna się wiosna. Play audio The spring begins in March.
W kwietniu czasami pada deszcz a czasami świeci słońce. Play audio In April it sometimes rains and sometimes it is sunny.
W maju kwitną kasztany. Play audio Chestnut trees bloom in May.
W czerwcu robi się ciepło. Play audio It gets warm in June.
W lipcu jeździmy na wakacje. Play audio In July we go on holidays.
W sierpniu jest bardzo gorąco. Play audio In August it is very hot.
We wrześniu wracamy do szkoły. Play audio In September we go back to school.
W październiu robi się coraz chłodniej. Play audio In October it gets cooler.
W listopadzie spadają liście z drzew. Play audio In November the leaves fall from the trees.
W grudniu często pada śnieg. Play audio It often snows in December.

I hope that this information will help you to learn the names of months in Polish language. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please leave the comment below.

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