Learning new Polish vocabulary

New YouTube video with Polish audio. This time I talk about vocabulary and why it is important to enhance the process of memorising it. Basically, there are so many words to remember and we spend so much time in the process of doing so, that even small improvements can bring big benefits.

Below you will see the video, I have also provided Polish subtitles, you can switch them on if you do not understand something. You can buy and download two additional files that accompany this video.

In the first mp3 file, you will find audio track from the video. You can download it and transfer to your mobile or mp3 player and use it on the go.

The second file in PDF format contains the transcript of the video in Polish language. Everything that I have said in the video, has been written down into this file.

I think that the price is fair and earning any money from sales would support me and allow me to publish more content. You can buy these additional files by clicking on the button below:

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Learning new vocabulary [Polish audio]

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