Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Goodnight in Polish

I noticed some people search on Google how to say “Good morning” in Polish and decided to quickly write about it. Please find below a table with all the information. If you have any questions regarding greetings in Polish, please use comments below.

Good morning and other Polish greetings
Dzień dobry Play audio Good morning (formal greeting, use if you do not know somebody well of if that person is older than you)
Dzień dobry Play audio Good afternoon (there is no special expression for Good afternoon in Polish language. Poles, like people from France, use “Good morning” all day long and only in the evening switch to “Good evening”.
Dobry wieczór Play audio Good evening (formal)
Cześć! Play audio Hi! or Hello! (informal expression used among friends, you can use it at any time of the day, in the evening and also as “Bye!” when leaving)
Cześć, jak się masz? Play audio Hi, how are you? (informal)
Cześć, co słychać? Play audio Hello, how are things? (informal)
Cześć, co u ciebie? Play audio Hello, how are you? (informal)
Wszystko w porządku Play audio All good (informal, used when answering “How are you?” question)
Do widzenia Play audio Goodbye (formal)
Dobra noc Play audio Goodnight (formal)
Na razie! Play audio Bye! (informal)
Trzymaj się! Play audio Bye! (informal)

I hope you now know how to say Good morning in Polish. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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