Days of the week in Polish

Today I decided to write a short post and present names of days of the week in Polish. You will find basic vocabulary in the table below (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on). Please have a look:

Dni tygodnia po polsku (days of the week in Polish)

poniedziałek Play audio Monday
wtorek Play audio Tuesday
środa Play audio Wednesday
czwartek Play audio Thursday
piątek Play audio Friday
sobota Play audio Saturday
niedziela Play audio Sunday
poniedzialek, wtorek, środa, czwartek, piątek, sobota, niedziela Play audio Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I have made a short Youtube video with days of the week in Polish, please have a look:

In the second table, you will find information how to say in Polish that something happens on a particular day of the week. This will be helpful if you you want to say that some kind of activity happens on Monday, on Friday or any other day. As you will notice, in Polish it is a bit more complicated than in English when we just add “on” to the basic name of the day. Sometimes you need to put w but sometimes you need to add we. In some cases the ending of the day name will also change: niedziela (Sunday) but w niedzielę (on Sunday)

Please have a look:

W jaki dzień tygodnia? (On which day of the week?)

w poniedziałek Play audio on Monday
we wtorek Play audio on Tuesday
w środę Play audio on Wednesday
w czwartek Play audio on Thursday
w piątek Play audio on Friday
w sobotę Play audio on Saturday
w niedzielę Play audio on Sunday
w poniedzialek, we wtorek, w środę, w czwartek, w piątek, w sobotę, w niedzielę Play audio on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday

There are also slight differences when we use plurals forms for days of the week (like in sentence “On Mondays I go to the swimming pool – W poniedziałki chodzę na basen.), but I think that such sentences are not frequent so I decided not to include them. However, if you would like to know these forms or have any other questions, please feel free to post a comment below.

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