Basic Polish phrases with audio

I have just finished creating a second audiobook for my online store 馃檪 It is called 250 Polish sentences with audio. As the name suggests it is a collection of 250 basic but popular Polish phrases in both PDF and audio format. De facto, there are 251 phrases since but I will correct this mistake soon. I would like to promote this audiobook somehow and I thought it might be a good idea to write about it and also present some of these sentences in this article free of charge so even if somebody doesn’t want to buy it (it costs 拢4.99) they can still learn some useful phrases.

Basic Polish phrases with audio

Some information behind creation of this audiobook. People that study Polish or any other foreign language try to find an effective method. It is important, studying a language is a long process and even a small increase of efficiency will save us a lot of time. The classic mistake people make is to swap methods or resources too quickly before the progress is noticeable. For some reason it is difficult to stick to one good resource for long and finish it.

So I thought that maybe I would create something relatively short, that can be learnt in a matter of a few weeks. Also, something that can also be used pretty much everywhere, during the commute, in the car, on the train, in the gym, why waiting and so on.

I also remembered when I first started studying English, I had a course on 24 audio tapes with long lists of words and phrases to remember. I spent long hours doing so but when I switch the television with some English channels I discovered that I understand more and more.

That was the idea behind this audiobook with 250 basic Polish phrases. It is fairly short and can be learnt in a few weeks. It is also “portable”, you can upload the mp3 files to your mobile and take anywhere with you. Above all, I believe that it is quite effective way of studying Polish and of actually learning something useful.

The audio file has been designed in such a way that learner listens to the English sentence first. Then there is a pause and, at the end, the Polish translation. The learner is supposed to say Polish phrase during the pause (or translate English into Polish) and get an instant feedback of correct Polish pronunciation. As soon as this one is heard, the learner should repeat it once more and wait for the next English sentence. As mentioned, I have found this method of studying English very effective.

For those that might be interested, this is the first chapter of the audiobook (section Greetings and basic phrases). It contains first 20 Polish phrases with audio:

Basic 20 Polish phrases with audio

Play audio

English version Polish version
Good morning Dzie艅 dobry
Good afternoon Dzie艅 dobry
Good evening Dobry wiecz贸r
Good night Dobranoc
Hello Cze艣膰
Goodbye Do widzenia
See you Do zobaczenia
Yes Tak
No Nie
Please Prosz臋
I am sorry Przepraszam
Excuse me Przepraszam
Thank you Dzi臋kuj臋
Do you speak English? Czy m贸wisz po angielsku?
Do you speak Polish? Czy m贸wisz po polsku?
I do not understand. Nie rozumiem.
Can you speak more slowly? Czy mo偶esz m贸wi膰 wolniej?
Can you repeat, please? Czy mo偶esz powt贸rzy膰?
I am sorry, I still don’t understand. Przepraszam, nadal nie rozumiem.
Can you write it down for me? Czy mo偶esz mi to napisa膰?

I hope you have found it useful. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding whole audiobook or this topic.

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