10 basic questions in Polish

Hi there, today I would like to teach you 10 basic but useful questions in Polish. These are informal questions that could be used in informal situations. The questions are:

Co u ciebie? How are you?
Jak masz na imię? What is your name?
Ile masz lat? How old are you?
Która godzina? What time is it?
Gdzie jest najbliższy sklep? Where is the nearest shop?
Gdzie są toalety? Where are the toilets?
Czy możesz mi pomóc? Can you help me?
Czy mówisz po angielsku? Do you speak English?
Czy możesz mówić wolniej? Can you speak more slowly?
Czy możesz powtórzyć jeszcze raz? Can you repeat it again?

Pronunciation of 10 basic questions in Polish

This time I will not provide an audio file with the pronunciation but will give you a Youtube video with 10 basic questions in Polish. Please find it below. As mentioned sometimes it is appropriate to add “Przepraszam” (Excuse me) at the beginning of a question to make it more polite.

I hope you have found it useful. I should publish more videos like that soon, please let me know if there is a particular topic of Polish language you would like to learn and I will make a video about it.

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